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Selasa, 26 Januari 2010

ClickPayPro Overview - Affiliate Marketing

What can an affiliate management system provide, that will give vendors and affiliates the best chance of increasing their bottom line? Is there a system that offers more features than any other system online, that will provide vendors more power when it comes to managing their product sales and affiliates? Is there a system that offers more payment gateways other than just PayPal? The answer to these questions is simple. Click Marketing Inc. brings to the Internet a very powerful affiliate marketing "tracking and management" system known as ClickPayPro.

ClickPayPro is a dependable and secure affiliate marketing "tracking and management" system. The main objective of ClickPayPro is to provide a service that is truly designed for vendors and their affiliates. By offering more features, vendors can easily and effectively manage their affiliate marketing business. ClickPayPro was designed to cater to vendors and they accomplished part of this by researching what vendors liked and disliked about current tracking systems available. This research influenced a lot of the features that have been added to ClickPayPro's architecture. Affiliate marketing definitely has some shortcomings when it comes to tracking and management systems. Click Marketing Inc. created ClickPayPro to address these issues.

Vendors are speaking highly of ClickPayPro's ability to integrate with 4 different payment gateways. Unlike some of the tracking systems online that are only capable of utilizing PayPal, ClickPayPro is integrated with three other payment gateways in addition to PayPal. These payment gateways include Authorize.net, LinkPoint and AlertPay. ClickPayPro also realizes how important a vendor's bottom line net profit is. Vendors can now save and increase their bottom line due to one of the lowest (and if not the lowest) cost per transaction rate in the industry.

An issue that is prominent among vendors, especially with one of the largest tracking systems currently online, is having to create multiple accounts if they offer more than one product. Not only does the vendor have to manage multiple accounts, they are required to pay the sign-up fee for each account. With ClickPayPro however, vendors can list an unlimited number of products under one account and not incur extra charges. This feature alone saves vendors both time and money.

The above examples are just a few of the features offered by ClickPayPro. Others include:

- Ability to list physical products in the marketplace.
- Add products to the marketplace immediately.
- Have sales tax configured on physical products.
- Products can be configured to be paid in installments.
- IPN protection offered combining all gateways.
- Built-in JV Members area.
- Earn 15% commissions on vendor transaction fees for the life of their products, and more.

ClickPayPro has set a new standard when it comes to affiliate marketing. Vendors and affiliates worldwide can now enjoy all of the features and benefits of this dependable and secure affiliate tracking and management system. By offering more features and management capabilities, it is very clear why ClickPayPro is the vendor's choice when selling online.

Visit http://www.ClickPayPro.com to learn more about how you can become a vendor and/or an affiliate of ClickPayPro and experience the advantages.

by ClickPayPro

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