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Selasa, 26 Januari 2010

Trick Registers and Adsense's Google Regulation

I will give lightning tips to you. Steps that needs to take so easy at approve Adsense's Google as publisher is:

1. account's cause at Blogger, its trick, visit:

http://www. blogger. com /

2. vote for “ CREATE YOUR BLOG NOW ”

3. form's content your datas of address's enamels, Password, Name's display, Word Verification, and hits Acceptance Of Terms as assent you follow their order.

4. Entitle Blog you, and gives URL'S name blogspot's address you.

5. Vote for template what does cucok with your appetite.

6. Afterwards “ STARTS POSTING ” news article?

Sit out before ….

7. If you that don't glib deep english language or experiencing unexpected look for IDE, your better PINCHES OFF from english-speaking article Internet.

I put on PINJEM'S terminology, not NYOLONG article, since just after BLOGGER'S SITES we diapprove adsense's Google, you can erase and replacing with article get indonesian.

8. After “ BORROWS ” other people article at Internet, new STARTS POSTING..

9. Vomit all article a new one you “ PINJEM ” of other people english-speaking one goes to your first article.

Remember: LABOUR NYARI ARTICLE THAT LONG (although you don't know what its content)

My tips: pinch off from wikipedia or answer.com, or better, at muddle (who precaution is Googles present tofu have new tech in traces copyright other article at Internet).

10. After postingan your first article successful, begin sign up / register / list by clicks button's image upon.

Register from image get Adsense's Google logo (click of image),

then chooses BUTTON: CLICK HERE TO APPLY as pictured as under:

and completes data self you at stuffing form that its following at release they. On the ball in inlay, usually we are ambushed while fill our WEBSITE LANGUAGE, our better chooses ENGLISH, since if you fill website you gets indonesian, you will at refuse them.

11. Don't forget also your phone number content at beginning with prefix 62, e.g. your telephone number 02167424433, therefore fills telp's number with 622167424433

12. You will send that notifikasi's enamel you are owner validate ENAMEL that you list, then you were enjoined by mengclick URL that sent by they. Afterwards … .

13. Hit all if emerging:

AdSense applicants must agree to adhere to AdSense programs policies (details)

I. i. agree that won't click on the ads's Google i. ’ m serving through AdSense.

won't place ads on sites that include incentives to click on ads is i..

I. i. agree that i. can receive checks made out to the payee name have listed above.

won't place ads on sites that include pornographic content is i..

I. i. certify that have read the AdSense Programs Policies.

14. Hit first option if emerging:

Would you like to have a. single account for all services's Google?

You can use your existing is account's Google address and password for AdSense's enamel well's usa. Or you can choose new ones just for AdSense.

1. I. ’ d. like to use my existing account for AdSense's Google.

2. I. ’ d. like to choose a. new logs in name and password just for AdSense.

Afterwards will emerge stuffing BOX LOGS IN, then logs in by username and password what do equal username / password that your list at WWW2.BLOGGER.COM that.

13. Sit out enamel from them next several days, one that meaty “ CONGLATURATIONS!!”

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